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My wife and I became part of the BCO Family in 2013.

Our first adventure with BCO was a combination hunt, primarily focused on a moose for my wife. While the 2013 hunt did not yield a moose, it did provide a beautiful bear and a desire to return to BCO. We arrived in camp as clients and left family!! Most outfitters wrap up a hunt with warm wishes and better luck next time, not Mike! He squeezed every second out of the hunt as any seriously, dedicated hunter would do!

Our second adventure with BCO was a moose hunt for my wife. Joe worked exhaustively, as Mike the year prior, to find a moose for my wife. When the opportunity was finally presented, she made good with the harvest of a beautiful moose. Warm weather presented an issue with meat preservation, BCO did not flinch. Joe called their local processor, problem solved!

BCO's QUALITY goes well beyond the hunt and harvest. Celine's excellent meals, conversation and hospitality make you feel at home. Mike's work ethic and desire to make your hunt a success is only rivalled by his ability to articulate an engaging, entertaining conversation about anything....yes, I now know what to do during a Zombie apocalypse! Joe's cowboy swagger and relaxed demeanour cannot disguise his ability and knowledge as a guide and outfitter. BCO takes care of you from the first call to the last hunt and every aspect in between.

Bottom line our experiences with Mike Hawkridge, Joe Lisk and the entire Big Country Outfitters crew has created exceptional memories of a lifetime!!
Ben & Kaylene Carsten
I have hunted with Big Country Outfitters two years and found that they run an excellent camp. Their camp is remote, rustic but quite comfortable and in a grand setting. Most importantly, they always found moose and these were often of trophy size. I certainly enjoyed the entire experience and intend to hunt with them again.
Kingston, Ont
Major (Ret'd) Gordon Ohlke, CD, MA
Our hunt was booked for June and we had five hunters and two spouses in our group. The co-owners Joe and Ursula Lisk and Mike and Karen Hawkridge all have great personalities, are really fun to be around, and highly experienced. For this hunt two additional guides were brought in Shawn and Travis. Both younger fellows, but well experienced hunters and trappers. All the hunters all tagged out. Two with a high scoring record book boars one chocolate color phase and the other very typical coloring. There are lots of color variations.

BC Outfitters claim you’ll see six to twelve bears a day and that is a true statement. Joe really put out the effort. We were in the field about 15 hours each day – long, but never boring. Most of the hunting was spot and stalk from logging roads but Joe did do some predator calling. This was effective in both stopping bears that were moving away to enable a better look as well as calling a very large one in that circled around behind us and spooked a close range before a shot could be fired. In addition to this bear we saw two very large boars - one at very close range. The big bears are weary and quick. On the last day we were fortunate to sight a beautiful blond bear at the edge of the woods and successfully pursued it into the thick brush and timber.

The meals were substantial and very tasteful. Celine was very attentive to dietary needs and her food was inviting, satisfying, substantial, and very good. We looked forward to the meals almost as much as going out hunting. She also has a great personality and helped to make the trip even more enjoyable. The lodging was very nice with all the amenities one would expect and all the equipment was in top shape.

My wife went out with us as an observer all five days. Everyone was really accommodating to her and she enjoyed the trip.

We would not hesitate to go back to Big County Outfitters at this, or one of their other areas, for moose, deer, elk or wolf. We did see deer, elk and moose on this trip. Just a really, really good time! Great food, great humor, and great new friends always makes for a great adventure!
Tom Moore
I want to say a BIG Thanks to Joe and Ursula Lisk of BIG COUNTRY OUTFITTERS for a Great successful moose hunt in 2015. This was my 4th “Once in a life time moose hunt” all with different outfitters in Canada. All the way through the Booking process with Mike Hawkridge to hunting with Joe was a great experience for me and my first successful hunt out of 4 times. I think it makes a huge difference when the owners and guides live with the moose and know their habits year round.
Joe and his lovely wife Ursula treated me like family and was very comfortable being with them. Joe is very knowledgeable about the game and the area we were hunting and work hard to get the moose out of the bush and to the coolers.

We seen moose every day of the hunt where my other trips were negative on even seeing any moose.

I would highly recommend Big Country Outfitters for your next Big Game Hunt.
Watertown, SD
Al Engstrom
Hunting bears with Big Country Outfitters was a pleasure from start to finish and they delivered on everything they advertised. From cooks to guides everyone makes you feel at home and goes the extra mile to make sure you have a hunt that makes memories for a life time. My guide put me on a big chocolate color phase black bear that squared 7 feet and was estimated to be between 12-14 years old- a true trophy. If you are looking to take a color phase bear, I can't imagine a better place to do it. At Big Country Outfitters you come as a guest and leave as a friend.
Front Royal, VA, USA
Tim Fisher
We had a great experience as first time bear hunters. The guides were wonderful and the accommodations first rate. We plan to return for other hunts.
Brian Buchanan
Mike Hawkridge is a man I am honored to call my friend. He provided me with the generous opportunity to have an adventure in an unknown territory, and showed me animals I had only imagined in wild-spaces I had never known to be in existence. I watched as he called wolves and moose alike into shooting range with nothing but his own howls and bellows; something I had never seen before. I followed him through dense trees and across rivers, where after he placed me before bears and elk that made me regret the short duration of my time spent in his territories. For all of us who travel and hunt, it is rare to find an individual who will not only provide you with access to the game of your wildest daydreams, but will also be an unparalleled partner in the organic experience of hunting. With Mike, I was given the adventure of a lifetime in the northern territories. Even more so, I was welcomed into the Big Country Outfitters family, a group I am proud to be a part of. So, if you want to have the hunt of your lifetime and see BC with guides like Mike Hawkridge and Joe Lisk, who know the area better than anyone else, choose BC Outfitters. I will be returning there as quickly as possible, and after you hunt with them, I know that you will too.
Sam Terrell
Mike Hawkridge is an outstanding hunter, and a man amongst men. He's a rock solid outdoorsman, and his knowledge of the animals he's going after and the terrain they live in is unparalleled. If there's ever a Zombie apocalypse he's one of the first people I would pick to help form a squad of able bodied people to help save humanity. When you meet him, get a good look at him and take it all in, because in this ever feminized world we're living in real men like him are the last of a dying breed. I had a fantastic time in camp with him, and I look forward to visiting and hunting with him as many times as I can before I leave this earth.
Joe Rogan
Mike Hawkridge is the real deal. I hired Mike to provide an adventure of a lifetime and he accomplished the responsibilities far better than could or should have been expected given the sever time constraints. Mike runs a business that is aimed at meeting the needs of his clients with hospitality and the welfare of the client foremost on his mind. I would not hesitate to travel to any extreme mountain top with Mike Hawkridge in pursuit of my goal.
W.Bruce Hutcheson
Mike goes above and beyond to ensure his clients are successful and happy. He works hard and displays professionalism at all times. His knowledge of the outdoors and the animals is second to none
Tom Gridley
Mike, good to hear from you. The taxidermist that did our bears wanted to bring his son up with him for a bear hunt. He thought we had two of the nicest bear hides he had seen in a while. We saw 13 bears in 1.5 days last spring. Thanks again!
Dan Stoop
An outdoor/hunting adventure you will not want to leave from!
Don Farrier
If you're looking for a moose hunt, you need to contact Mike at BCO. These guys know how to hunt moose and will work hard to insure you have an opportunity to take home a trophy. We hunted hunted hard in a post rut situation and Mike never gave up on putting me in position to take a great moose.
Tom Gridley
First harvest of 2013! Huge thanks to Big Country Outfitters for making this spot and stalk black bear hunt possible. If you want to hunt British Columbia for any species there is simply no other outfit to consider. We saw around 30 bears within 5 days. He was nowhere near the largest we saw, but I held out until the last minute and was blessed to harvest such a beautiful bear
Idaho, USA