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Winter Wolf and Coyote Hunting

BCO is the right destination if you are looking to hunt a northern timber wolf. During the spring and fall hunts, we purchase the wolf tag for all of our clients, we feel strongly that it is the responsible thing to do. We know first hand that during those times it is more of an opportunity then a planned hunt, and we support good wildlife management.

During the winter months, is when we set up to target both wolf and coyote. Baits are advantageously placed and monitored, and with the addition of skilled calling, our wolf/coyote hunts are highly productive. We have spent years getting to know these intelligent predators, and our dedication has paid off.

Here at Big Country, we are less frills and more kills! We operate our wolf hunts with a higher proficiency then any other operation we know. Wolf hunting is tricky at the best of times, trust the outfit that has a proven track record.