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Grizzly Bear Hunting

The mighty Grizzly bear is undoubtedly one of the most marvelous big game animals that we pursue. Big Country Outfitters is proud to offer our clients a very real opportunity at harvesting a trophy Mountain Grizzly. Our “G” bears range in color from almost black to blond, with mature boars averaging 7 to 9 feet with skulls at 25 inches………with some monsters going beyond. We hunt bears in both spring and fall, spring hunts are typically our favorites. In the spring, a black bear and a wolf are included and during the fall hunt a wolf is included.

We are allocated only a few tags, partially due to our high rate of success.

Grizzlies will come into calls?! Our guides know the secret sounds that drive big mature boars crazy. 

This is a spot and stalk hunt, no baits, we go to the bears! All our Grizzly bear hunts are 10 day, one guide and one hunter. As you creep up to within range of one of these apex predators, the last thing you want to worry about is your guide……book with the right outfit.