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If you're looking for a moose hunt, you need to contact Mike at BCO. These guys know how to hunt moose and will work hard to insure you have an opportunity to take home a trophy. We hunted hunted hard in a post rut situation and Mike never gave up on putting me in position to take a great moose.
Tom Gridley

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"Mike Hawkridge is an outstanding hunter, and a man amongst men. He's a rock solid outdoorsman, and his knowledge of the animals he's going after and the terrain they live in is unparalleled. If there's ever a Zombie apocalypse he's one of the first people I would pick to help form a squad of able bodied people to help save humanity. When you meet him, get a good look at him and take it all in, because in this ever feminized world we're living in real men like him are the last of a dying breed. I had a fantastic time in camp with him, and I look forward to visiting and hunting with him as many times as I can before I leave this earth."

- Joe Rogan

Welcome to Big Country Outfitters

Big Country Outfitters offers true wilderness hunts in the spectacular North Central region of British Columbia. We pretty much stick to the traditional, old fashioned, methods of guiding and outfitting. Our primary focus is to offer the very  best experience possible, in a fun and friendly environment. 

BCO offers fully outfitted rifle or bow hunting for Canadian moose, Rocky Mountain elk, Interior grizzly, Mule deer, Whitetail deer, Black bear, Cougar, Timber wolf, lynx, and Coyote. In addition to our primary big game hunts, clients can also expect some fantastic upland game bird hunting and some unbelievable fishing. For those clients wishing to try their hand at BC’s best waterfowl hunting, we work together with the number one waterfowl outfitter in the province.

All hunts are conducted 100% fair chase.

We limit the amount of hunts each year to ensure the highest quality of trophy animals, experience, and success rate.

We can tailor your hunt to fit your abilities.

We have over 50 years of hunting experience.

Exclusive hunting territories located in Central British Columbia.

Some of the highest moose, bear, and elk densities in the province. 

Our hunts are within driving distance from the US, so you can bring your meat home.

Come hunt Central British Columbia with some of the hardest working, skilled guides in the industry today!

BCO can accommodate just about any level of sportsman our sportswoman. Whether you are limited physically or in your level of experience, contacts us and we can go over the best hunting option for you.

We are at the top of our game, because guiding and outfitting is what we do full time. If we are not out in the field guiding, or preparing for our upcoming season, then we are thinking about it. Guided hunting adventures are who we are and what we do.
  • Comfortable lodge and accommodations
  • Great food
  • Prime big game country
  • Guaranteed tags
  • Rut hunts
  • World class fishing
  • Guiding with integrity
  • Some of the most knowledgeable, skilled staff in the field today

Whether you decide to hunt a single species or a mixed bag hunt, we are the outfit for your next big game hunting adventure.

Please note that this website has tons of information, if you still have questions feel free to contact us. Email works the very best.

Mike Jones Knife & ToolMike Jones Knife and Tool

If you are coming to Central BC to hunt, you are going to need a knife! Not a cheap, run-of-the-mill, stamped out knife from you local sporting good supply store. You need a knife you can trust you life on!


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Check out our brand new hunt additions, in a remote corner of BC.
Contact us for more info on these hunts!


To hear what Craig Boddington has to say about BCO, click the following link:

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