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Black Bear Hunting 

Big Country Outfitters is one of BC’s best bear hunting destinations. We have incredible numbers of huge bears, both black and color phase. Our adult boars will run from the 6 to 7 foot range, with some giants reaching 8 foot and skulls going over 21 inches! The hides are typically thick and heavy, and the spring claws can be long enough to mistake them as a Grizzly’s.

We offer both spring and fall hunts, and they can be hunted as a single species or as part of a combination hunt. Our spring hunt has historically boasted a harvest rate of 100%, we know bears like no other outfit.

The method of hunting our bears is spot & stalk, and we have a two bear limit. Hunting with an experienced guide will ensure that only the best of the best is considered. Clients can expect to look over 6-10 bears daily.

These hunts are a great adult/youth hunt; our accomplished guides will ensure proper judging and safety of the hunt.

Come and witness why Big Country is also known as Bear Country!